Lusso Group Brand

Perth's largest selection of natural stone, engineered stone and porcelain panels. Lusso acquires some of the world’s best and most exotic stone and exclusive variety of designs to add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bathroom or alfresco project.

Brand development
Print design



Lusso Group outgrew their brand and desired a look and feel that would represent their values and compliment their growth that would not only be current now but also in the future. 



We needed a direction and after a good competitor analysis and creating brand recognition & brand positioning strategy we decided we would focus on strong symbol to play a part of the logo and be the key influencer of a noticeable brand identity. This will then be passed on to the sub-brands.  It turned our like this.

Now that your have seen the brand identity, watch out for the brand features that connect Lusso Group with their products Natural Series & Bella Series but yet, powerful enough for Natural Series and Bella Series to stand on their own. Then we arranged the content as a photography style was very much needed for Lusso Group to archive the look and the feel they desired.






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